Saturday, November 14, 2015

Damaged part 2

I quickly grabbed Jeff by his shirt and picked him up.
“Wake up! Come on!.” I shook Jeff vigorously but to no avail. “I guess I hit you too hard.” I carelessly let go of him and let him fall to the ground.
I started pacing. “Where was she going? Where is Frank planning on…?” I couldn’t even bare to think the word.
“Please Jesus tell me where to go!.” I dropped Jeff’s phone and took off towards the old abandoned house where Kate and I were just a little while earlier.
“She said she was going on a date?..... it’s only-,” I looked at my watch, “ 4:17, it’s not very dark…..” I stopped at the front door. “Stupid me!.” I quickly pulled my phone out and started calling Kate.
“Pick up! Please Jesus let her pick up!.
“No!.” No answer. “Where would she go!.”
“She went towards Liberty street…. Aha! Of course! Frank lives near Liberty street! Stupid me!.” I quickly started running in the direction I assumed her to be.
It was now 4:34 and I was just now getting to the street.
I slowed down and quietly started walking down the street. It was extremely dark, especially down one of the alleys I passed.
“Jesus, be with her please if I can’t find her!” I quietly whispered.
Suddenly I heard a loud high pitched scream come from one of the near by alleys.
I slowly pulled my knife out of its sheath and started walking towards the alley.
“Shut her up before someone hears her!,” I could hear Frank say.
There was 4 of them, two of them were watching and one of them was holding her mouth shut while Frank started to try and get her pants off.
I stayed in the shadows and started making my way towards the group.
“Come on idiot! You can’t even get her belt undone!,” the one holding Kate’s mouth shut said.
“Shut up! I got this!.”
“Sure you do!” I thought.
I slowly snuck up to the ones watching.
I felt like slitting his throat but I knew that wouldn’t be right with God, that and I knew I’d regret it.
Without anymore thought on the subject I quickly turned one of them around and kneed him in the stomach and punched him in the face making him fall backwards.
The other three turned there dark gazes on me.
“Kill him!” Frank yelled as he stood up and pulled out a butterfly knife.
The other 2 followed suit.
I switched my knife from my left hand to my right.
They all quickly rushed towards me.
It was all a blur of blades. One came for my stomach, one came for my legs and another came for my throat. I dodged the one coming for my stomach, I deflected the one coming for my legs and I grabbed the arm wielding the one aimed for my throat. Without much thought I sliced him from his lower left side up towards his right shoulder.
He yelled out in pain.
“Fools! Kill him!.” He stepped back so the other two could try and get me. One of them sliced my arm but it wasn’t very deep. I quickly ripped the knife out of his hand and threw it on the ground.
With obvious defeat the third guy helped the one who I knocked out first and ran off, quickly followed by the 2nd guy.
“Fools! Come back!.”
“Frank, you’d better get that cut seen, it looks pretty deep, and my knife isn’t really sanitary. And you better not get to settled, the police will be coming to visit you very soon.”
He growled. “This isn’t the end Ezio Antúnez! I swear I’ll see you again! And next time only one of us will live to see the light of day again!.”
“What? Your going to go live in a cave or something?.”
He said nothing more as he left but before he was totally gone he said, “And you’d better keep a close eye on your friend there, I just might come for her again!.” And then he was gone.
I knelt down by Kate. “Hey, are you alright? Can you stand?.”
“I think so.”
I quickly helped her up. “I’m sorry, I should’ve been here sooner.”
She hugged me and started sobbing.
“It’s okay, I’m here now, and Jesus protected you, that guy couldn’t even get your belt off.”
She looked at me. “But Ezio, I’m not even wearing a belt.”
I stared at her dumbfounded. “But, I heard them, he couldn’t get your belt off!.” I stood back. Sure enough, no belt.
“It-it must’ve been Jesus, protecting me.”
“Yes…. It must’ve been….”

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