Monday, May 1, 2017

34. Shades of Gray

I quickly shot her a glance every minute or so.
I couldn't help it. She was gorgeous, but it wasn't just her beautiful female mystique that had me hooked, it was her eyes.
Those beautiful eyes... A bluish gray that I had never every seen in my life.
I don't like staring so every chance I got I'd look.
They almost reminded me of lake Tahoe... But the lake is to blue.
Maybe Pupu Springs New Zealand.
No, still not right.
Cayo Coca Cuba?
Not even close.
No lake ocean spring or even my words could describe her beautiful eyes.

As I walked out I gave one last longing glance at the most beautiful bluish gray eyes I have ever seen.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

45. Heart Song

Reading her favorite book... It was the only way she's sleep when she was sick... And I should know, I've been married to her for five years.
"'..The opening into the hillside was left open, and often in hot summer days the Narnians go in there with ships and lanterns and down to the water and sail to and fro, singing, on the cool, dark underground sea, telling each other stories of the cities that lie fathoms deep low. If you ever have the luck to go to Narnia yourself, do not forget to have a look at those caves.'"
I carefully closed the book and looked down at my sleeping beauty.... She lay asleep on left shoulder, she looked so peaceful and so beautiful, laying there asleep, her beautiful brown hair in a mess... She truly is the love of my life.

(Picture credit to my best friend ♥)

Monday, January 16, 2017

My Tree

Away up high in a tree
Is where you'll find me
High above the ground
Touching the sky like a bird
One with the tree
I'll sway ever so slightly in the wind
It feels like flying up there
And if by chance I lose my grip
Do not fret
For I know the big branches
Of my tree will catch me.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Anger Issues

I quickly swing my metal bat into the right side of the toilet tank and watch as the pieces all fly into the bathtub. It’s a nice sound, listening to the tank shatter. I quickly raise the bat and with every bit of strength I can summon I smash it into the boll. The water from the tank and now boll has soaked the floor and surrounding areas. I watch as the water still continues to run. Not feeling satisfied with that I move on to the sink. The sink was one of those fancy ones that didn’t have any drawers and was only held up by a center pillar. I quickly swing the bat into the pillar and jump back as the sink falls to the floor after losing its support. It cracked but didn’t fully break so I smash my bat into it. It’s beautiful to see the water spewing out of the wall onto the tiled floor. I slowly walk out to the dining room where the glass table was. I knew this would be fun. I quickly yank off the thin fabric table cloth and then with my gloved fist I smash it in. It shatters to the ground in a million pieces. Still not feeling satisfied I walk over to a blank wall and start hitting it with my bat. Hit after hit until I’ve basically left no square inch of untouched dry wall. I step back and admire my work.
I laugh as a few pieces fall to the ground.

Yup. I’m good now.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

64. Frost

It's so cold
here on the floor,
Where my feet freeze
and the ice grows,
My heart
beats but my
blood is frozen,
I try to speak
but my words are ice,
I try to cry
but my tears are frozen,
I want to scream
but its so cold.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I feel it pulling me down; no matter how hard I fight it I cannot prevail.
It pulls me down, into the darkness, the unknown, the path that’s unknown to everyone; a path so unexplored and unused.
The world stops and transforms into something totally unexpected.
My eyes grow weary and I can’t keep them open; my vision blurs and the world around me becomes more vibrant and more fictional.
As night turns into dawn I exit the unknown and unexplored path back into reality.
But in only a few short hours I will be back.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Message

I slowly whistled in astonishment.
“What is it?” Keith asked.
He stood hovering over my left shoulder with his boll of lasagna.
“This thumb drive is practically empty….. there’s only one thing on here and it’s not even taking up a hole gigabyte.”
“So what is on here?”
“Hold on, let me just open up the file….. and here we are!”
“Its… it’s a note from Frank….. how’s that possible?...”
I started to read what it said aloud, “‘ Ezio, by the time you read this I will be long gone out of town, I know you and Kate went to the police, but they won’t find me. One thing I learned from being a foster child is to hide, and so I shall, and you’ll only find me when I’m ready to be found…. But be ware, I may come for your family, or friends first! And say hello to Keith for me when you see him. And don’t even think of taking this to the police, within five minutes of being read this message will automatically delete itself. And remember, watch your back.’”
“Man… he really is a psychopath….” Keith said as he took the last bite of his lasagna.
“Ezio? Are you home?”
“Yes aunt Clare! We’re up here!” I said as I stood up and walked over to my bedroom door.
“I’m sorry Ezio…. I wanted to come get you from the police station but I just wasn’t able to.”
I hugged her. There was the familiar smell of the hospital.
“It sure has been a whopper of a day…. What with you mom and all.” Aunt Clare said.
“What happened to Ezio’s mom?” Keith asked.
“Keith, didn’t know you were coming over.”
“Yeah well my parents were fighting so yeah.” Keith shrugged.
“So what happened with Ms. Sophie?”
I sighed. “The soldiers came today, they said she was MIA…..”
“I’m sorry bro…. I know it’s tuff… but hang on, everything will work out for those who trust in God.”
I now hugged Keith, “Thanks bro, your a good friend.”
“Haha, thanks, I try to be.”
“So have you boys eaten supper yet?” Aunt Clare asked.
Keith showed her his boll, “I have.”
“Have you Ezio?”
“Um…. No, I’m not really hungry.”
“You should eat something anyway, even if it is only a banana.”
“Yes ma’am.”
Aunt Clare started to leave when she stopped, “Oh, and Ezio, make sure not to get your cut infected.” She pointed to my bandaged arm.
“Yes ma’am, I’ll make sure to keep it clean….”
She smiled and walked to her room where she would probably change out of her scrubs.
I always wondered if she knew about my cutting… but she never confronted me about it, though, for some strange reason I actually wanted her to catch me doing it so she would make me stop….. I felt like I couldn’t stop…. I prayed about it all the time, but yet I felt as if Jesus didn’t hear or listen to me anymore….. I felt… lost, and so far away from God, but I knew He was there, and He was, and what happened with Kate was proof of that…. But yet I doubted……

The next 2 weeks were a blur, especially with school.
And after what happened with Kate the principal said she didn’t have to come in to school rite away, and she wouldn’t be expelled.
And it was definitely a good thing she didn’t come back right away….
“Hey Ezio! It’s a good thing your girlfriend didn’t come back! Especially since she went lying to the cops about Frank! Stupid Ka-.”
I quickly shoved Marry up against the lockers slamming one of the doors shut in the process.
“It was your boyfriend Frank who did it! I saw him and his pagliacci asulte Kate! Now leave her alone you pagliacci!”
Keith quickly stepped in and pulled me away from her.
“Ezio, calm down bruh!”
I glared at Keith. “Calm? I am calm, and I can handle someone making fun of me! But when it comes to my family and friends I will not stand it!”
Keith patted my shoulder. “I know, you’ve always stuck up for me when I couldn’t, but don’t go making enemies, just let her be! It’ll pass. Come on, let’s get out of here, school sucks…..” Keith started to pull me away.
“And what did you call her anyway?”
I smiled, “I called her a clown.”
Keith started laughing.
We both laughed as we left the school.