Friday, January 6, 2017

Anger Issues

I quickly swing my metal bat into the right side of the toilet tank and watch as the pieces all fly into the bathtub. It’s a nice sound, listening to the tank shatter. I quickly raise the bat and with every bit of strength I can summon I smash it into the boll. The water from the tank and now boll has soaked the floor and surrounding areas. I watch as the water still continues to run. Not feeling satisfied with that I move on to the sink. The sink was one of those fancy ones that didn’t have any drawers and was only held up by a center pillar. I quickly swing the bat into the pillar and jump back as the sink falls to the floor after losing its support. It cracked but didn’t fully break so I smash my bat into it. It’s beautiful to see the water spewing out of the wall onto the tiled floor. I slowly walk out to the dining room where the glass table was. I knew this would be fun. I quickly yank off the thin fabric table cloth and then with my gloved fist I smash it in. It shatters to the ground in a million pieces. Still not feeling satisfied I walk over to a blank wall and start hitting it with my bat. Hit after hit until I’ve basically left no square inch of untouched dry wall. I step back and admire my work.
I laugh as a few pieces fall to the ground.

Yup. I’m good now.

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