Tuesday, April 4, 2017

45. Heart Song

Reading her favorite book... It was the only way she's sleep when she was sick... And I should know, I've been married to her for five years.
"'..The opening into the hillside was left open, and often in hot summer days the Narnians go in there with ships and lanterns and down to the water and sail to and fro, singing, on the cool, dark underground sea, telling each other stories of the cities that lie fathoms deep low. If you ever have the luck to go to Narnia yourself, do not forget to have a look at those caves.'"
I carefully closed the book and looked down at my sleeping beauty.... She lay asleep on left shoulder, she looked so peaceful and so beautiful, laying there asleep, her beautiful brown hair in a mess... She truly is the love of my life.

(Picture credit to my best friend ♥)