Saturday, November 7, 2015

94. Reality

“Reality….. oh such a scary word”, I thought to myself as I closed my bedroom door behind me. I carelessly threw my phone on my bed. I slumped down in my desk chair, letting my tears roll down my cheeks. “I did it again I did! Why did I do that to myself! Every time I try to talk to her about God she just starts cussing at me!”.
I had tried for years to get through to my girlfriend….. I loved her, honestly I did, and I think she loved me, and we had been dating for almost 2 years and I really wanted to marry her, but when I was younger I had made a vow to God that I’d never marry someone outside of my religion….. but she just refused to listen to me talk about God.
“why God? Why can’t I get through to her!? I love her! And I want to marry her! But I can’t if she doesn’t honestly believe in You….. I guess in reality I should just break up with her and move on.
“But why? Why can’t I get through to her! Jesus help her please to see the truth!....”
That night I fell asleep weeping for my loves salvation, I prayed so hard that she would change, but I was afraid that it just wasn’t meant to be…
1 week later.
“Hey hony, watcha doin?”. I smiled at my girlfriend.
“Just reading, I’m surprised you actually came, I thought you were mad at me?”. I quickly closed my book and quickly took a sip of my Starbucks coffe. The café was fairly empty, making it so I could get my favorite table by the window.
“Well you said it was important, so here I am”. She sat down in the chair across from me. “It is. You see, we’ve been dating for like 2 years now, and, I love you, I truly do, and I want to marry you b-“. “Yes! Oh yes! I want to marry you too!”. She said smiling. I smiled, “let me finish please”. She nodded. “But when I was younger I made a vow to God that I’d never marry someone outside of my religion, so if you don’t truly love God and want to know Him better then I cannot marry you”. At this point her smile had vanished and she seemed to be ready to cry.
“So in reality if you don’t want Him then you don’t want me….. I would be a terrible husband if you didn’t love Him, I would always try to teach you of Him, and I know you hate that…… please, don’t be mad……” Somehow she managed to smile, “I guess your rite, you wouldn’t be a good husband, you idiota!”. She stormed out in a rage. That was the worst…. She always cursed at me in her native language….. Italian.
I slowly walked back to my apartment, I felt as if I had made a massive mistake. “Lord? Did I do the correct thing? Was I rite in breaking up with her? Lord, I- I love her….. so much…….” As I turned the corner at the top of the steps at my apartment building I saw her sitting in front of my door, not crying, but she wasn’t really smiling either.
She stood up when she saw me. “I – I’m sorry, I always shut you out when you started talking about God, and, I do love you, and if He’s your God, then He’s my God too”. My face lit up with a massive smile. I quickly embraced her. “You know what?”. “What?”. “I love you, and, actually, realty isn’t so bad after all”.

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