Thursday, January 7, 2016

51. Troubling Thoughts

We sat in the police station waiting for Kate’s parents to arrive and my aunt to come.
“So how are you feeling?” I asked Kate as I leaned forward on the bench we were on.
“OK I think…. That was the scariest moment in my life, but yet… it was… amazing….. especially since Jesus protected me. I still can’t believe it.”
I nodded. “Davvero,” (indeed), “it is quit amazing.”
Kate’s mother ran up to her daughter and gave her a great big hug.
“Are alright? They didn’t hurt you did they?.”
“No mom, they didn’t even have a chance, Jesus protected me, there leader Frank couldn’t even get my belt off, but mother look! I’m not even wearing a belt!”
Mrs. Harding’s eyes got big.
“What!? How can that be?”
“It’s true ma’am,” I said, “Jesus protected her with a belt that doesn’t exist, it was quit amazing.”
There was a moment of silence.
“It’s a miracle…..” Mrs. Harding said quietly.
“Oh, sorry, it means indeed.”
“Ah, okay. Just give me a minute to talk to the officer and then I’ll take you home,” Mrs. Harding said to Kate.
“Wait? Where’s dad?” Kate asked.
“He’s at work, I tried to call him twice but he didn’t answer, he’s probably to busy to pick up.”
“Oh, I see.”
Mrs. Harding quickly gave Kate another hug then walked off to talk to the officer.
Kate seemed worried.
“What’s wrong?” I asked as I sat back down.
Kate did the same.
“Oh nothing….”
“Kate? Don’t lie to me now!”
She smiled. “Don’t worry about it, it’s nothing.”
I poked her in the side. “Tell me, what’s wrong?”
“It’s just that Frank threatened you, and me…. What if the police don’t catch him? What if he goes after my dad or something?”
I sighed. “Oh Kate….. just have trust and faith in God, everything will be fine….. besides, he’s just a stupid football player, what really can he do?”
“Kate! Ezio! Can you two come here please?”
Mrs. Harding stood in the doorway of the officers office.
We both walked over to her.
“Yes? What is it?”
“You said the main suspect is Frank Spooner correct?”
“Yes officer, what is going on?” I asked, noting the pale look on Mrs. Harding’s face.
“Frank Spooner is a false name, his real name is  Jack Franklin Mandryk, the illegitimate child of Rodney Mandryk, a psychopath murderer who killed over a 100 people in 1994.
“He was caught in ’96 and was found guilty of man slaughter, and was sentenced to death.
“But 17 months before we caught him he got a girl pregnant, she died in childbirth and so Jack was put in foster care, where he stayed until he turned 18 last year.”
No one said anything for an entire minute.
“So,” Kate broke the silence first, “What your saying is he might be a psychopath like his father?”
The officer sighed. “Yes, it is a big possibility that he is a psychopath…… and he threatened both of you, and we should definitely take his threats seriously.”
“Is there anything we can do to avoid him following through on his threats?” Mrs. Harding asked.
“No, I’m afraid not. But do report any suspicious behavior, and you should probably have your daughter take some self defense classes. And here’s my card incase you ever need anything.” He shook all of our hands before walking us out.
“Ezio, is your aunt coming to pick you up? Or do you need a ride?” Mrs. Harding asked.
“She was in the middle of some surgery so yes, a ride would be much appreciated.”

When we got to my house I quickly said goodbye and started to unlock the front door.
“Ezio? Where have you been?”
I jumped.
“Keith! I nearly punched you!”
Keith stood behind me.
“Nah, you’d never do that to me would you?”
I chuckled. “Yeah, your right. Come on in, what are you doing here anyway?” I asked as I opened the door. We both walked inside.
“Well my parents are fighting again soo?....”
I took the hint. “Yes, you can stay the night.”
“Yes! So what you have to eat?” Keith asked as he walked into the kitchen.
“I think there’s some left over lasagna from last night. Help yourself I gotta let Blaireau in.”
I quickly unlocked the back door and let my great Pyrenees inside.
He was a good dog, he was a present to me on my 13th birthday, and now 4 years later he was in his prime and he was a huge dog, and I loved him so much.
He wagged his tail as he walked in.
“How’s my pup? Come on! Come on!”
I gestured for him to get up on his hind legs and give me a hug. He quickly did so.
“Good boy Blaireau!”
I quickly turned my attention back to Keith.
“Want some soda with that? I think we have a can or two of Dr.Pepper in the fridge somewhere,” I asked as I opened the fridge and started looking for the elusive cans of soda.
“Sure, why not.
“Oh, and someone told me to give you this.” Keith pulled out a thumb drive from his pocket.
I handed him his Dr.Pepper.
“Hm…. Only 4 gigabytes….. who told you to give this to me?”
“I don’t know,” Keith said in between mouthfuls of lasagna, “But I didn’t ask cause he gave me this to do it.” Out of another pocket he pulled out a roll of 50s.
“Whoa! How much is that?”
“500 dollars, he just handed me the thumb drive and this money then walked away. All I know.”
“Did you check it? Is it real?”
“Yes, I’m sure of it.”
“That is strange…. It wasn’t Frank was it?”
“Frank Spooner? No…. Why would it be him?”
“Because he tried to rape Kate…. But he was very unsuccessful.”
“What? Is she alright?”
“Yeah, she’s just fine. Jesus protected her! It was amazing! He couldn’t get her belt off! But get this! She wasn’t wearing a belt.”
“What? How’s that… possible…..”
I could tell Keith had just figured it out.
“Wow.... that’s amazing.”
“Indeed it is.”
“Ah, so is that what happened to your arm and why you have a bandage on it?”
I looked at my arm, the bandage was covering both cuts.
“Uh yeah kind of. Anyway, let’s see what’s on this thumb drive!”

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