Saturday, September 19, 2015

17. Vengeance

I lay by the table holding my thigh trying to stop the bleeding, but the knife was very deep, and the pain was horrifying. And as I lay I watched helplessly as the man grabbed my wife and stabbed her repeatedly. At that moment my heart broke into a billion pieces that I knew would never be able to be put back together again. And I promised myself that I would find this guy no mater what.
5 years later.
I had followed this man for five years and through 12 different countries and I still hadn't caught him. It was getting very agrivating, but I knew the man was getting tired of this game of 'cat and mouse' too, soon I would get my chance. And what a better place to get him then in New York City.
I parked my truck near the front door of the grocery store and I pulled out my 9 mil. and quickly put a clip in it then I slipped it into my holster under my jacket. My left thigh hurt but I ignored the pain and quickly stepped out. Shopping; the one thing my wife hated to do, weird isn't? I slowly walked into the store, not expecting to see him. He was tall, at least 6' 6"; his hair was Sandy blonde, his eyes didn't seem to fit with his hair, for they were dark brown, more like black. His arms were long and muscular; but he was slow, exempt behind the wheel of a car. "Get milk; get cereal; get out," I mumbled to myself. As soon as I walked in though I saw him, standing in line with a couple bottles of vodka in one hand and a couple 20s in the other. I slowly raised my hand towards my vest where my 9 mil. was. "Can I help you with anything sir", the cashier lady asked. He shot a quick glance at her,"no, sorry". He said as he put the vodka on the counter then left. He slowly walked past me. I suddenly felt the pain of my wife's death again. I felt short compared to him; I was only 5' 6", and my wife wasn't much shorter then I. Since her death I hadn't thought much about how I looked. I usually just wore a simple pair of jeans, a t shirt and my boots. My brown hair had started to get a bit of gray, and my brown eyes had grown tired of this life, but I still hadn't given up on finding this man.
I quickly followed him outside. I quickly looked around trying to see him, but he seemed to have vanished. "No!", I yelled at myself. "He can't be far". I slowly hobbled around the corner of the building and then I saw him swiftly walk down an alley. Mustering all the strength I could I quickly ran after him. He stood not far from me, maybe 10 yards.
"I give up, I'm not running anymore, just kill me now and get it over with". I slowly pulled out the 9 mil. and took the safety off. He spread his arms out and closed his eyes. I slowly raised the gun...
and put the safety on and pulled out the clip.
"What are you doing!? Just kill me!". He said as he fell on his knees.
I slowly put the gun on the ground. "I forgive you, I don't want to kill you. I forgive you". "You - you forgive me?... but I killed your wife, you have every right to kill me". "No. We were both Christians, but when you killed my wife I left the church, but after some time Jesus revived me, and showed me that forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts, it is truly amazing". He started crying. I quickly walked over to him and started to   comfort him. "No, I deserve to die by your hands". "We all deserve death, we're all sinners, but we have Jesus Christ's forgiveness. He payed the price for us. He died so men like you and I can live forever with our King, the King of kings". "I'm - sorry I killed your wife, I didn't know you guys would get back home so early. I shouldn't have been there, and right now you should be with your wife, and you should have children, but I stole it all from you, and I am sorry. Please, help me to find Him". "Yes, I will help you".

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